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An efficient, working furnace is essential to comfort and energy savings for Hampton Roads homeowners, which is why it’s important to have a heating company you can count on for superior workmanship and expertise. At Russell’s, our team of furnace specialists is here to help you heat your home, and we offer everything from same-day emergency furnace repair to furnace check-ups and preventative maintenance.

Common Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Sometimes your furnace needs to be serviced or repaired but you don’t notice that something’s wrong right away (this is where tune-ups come in handy); other times, it will be immediately obvious that you need help from a heating system professional. Aside from a furnace that won’t turn on, here are some things to watch out for that might signal that your furnace needs attention:

  • Increased heating bills

  • Strange or unusual furnace noises

  • Decreased comfort in your home

  • Frequent system cycling (furnace turning on and off)

Leading Furnace Services for Hampton Roads, Newport, and Virginia Beach Homeowners

Russell’s services gas, oil, propane, and electric furnaces of all makes and models—no matter what kind of furnace you have in your home, we can get it back up and running, and then help keep it working, with our repair calls.

When it comes to residential heating and cooling, we know there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait days or even weeks for heating repair when you need it ASAP. At Russell’s, our team is so confident that we’ll be able to address the issue with your unit quickly that we offer a “Service Today or It’s Free” guarantee—if we aren’t able to make it to your home on the day you schedule service, we’ll waive our usual service call fee! (You’ll still pay for the repairs, of course.)

Heating & Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Looking to extend the life of your furnace, and avoid any inconvenient or expensive breakdowns in the middle of winter? Preventative maintenance for your heating system can help identify small issues before they turn into big problems, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that a qualified and certified professional has recently examined your furnace and given their stamp of approval.

We recommend homeowners schedule at least one heating check-up per year for their furnace, and to make things even easier, you can even enroll in our maintenance plan, where you’ll get automatically scheduled precision tune-ups for your heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical systems every year, as well as discounts on repairs and priority scheduling!

Why Trust Russell’s?

For more than 40 years, Russell’s has been helping homeowners throughout the entire Hampton Roads area, including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk. Our priority is providing exceptional customer service, and making sure our technicians are trained and certified experts in home heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical. See what sets us apart, and put your furnace in good hands with our team.

Get the help you need for your furnace today. Call (VA) 757-995-2807 / (NC) 252-489-4431 or contact Russell’s for expert heating system repair and maintenance near you.

Maintenance Plans

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Regular annual maintenance keeps your system operating at peak efficiency. Experience has shown that a system that runs well keeps your utility costs in line — in fact, independent 3rd party research shows that you can save over $30 per month on utility bills.