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Hot water can have a big role in your family’s comfort. Some Hampton Roads area homes use hot water for hydronic heating systems using radiators, in-floor radiant heat or baseboards. Many homes rely on a hard-working tank hot water system for showers, clothes washing, dishwashers and other household activities. Whether it’s heat or hot water, when your water heating system stops working, it can have a big impact on your family’s daily living.

Water Heaters Need Regular Check-ups

Most people don’t give water heating much thought until there is no hot water or there is a leak. Gas or electric water heaters tend to last from 7 to 12 years in the average home, so depending on the vintage of your hot water system, you may want to have a system check-up (especially if your water tank is located in your attic). A hot water tank in the attic can cause some serious damage if it springs a leak and gallons of water rain into your living areas. Older water heaters are not very efficient, so we offer on-demand water heaters as a space- and money-saving option for efficient water heating.

Same-Day Water Heater Repairs and Replacements

Whether it’s a proactive maintenance check up, a repair or a replacement for your water heating system, Russell's Heating & Cooling services all types of water heaters and boilers, including:

We can repair or replace most water heaters in the Hampton Roads area on the same day and have your water back up and running so you can enjoy a warm shower or bath.

Free Second Opinions

With any big purchase for your home, it’s important to be able to make an educated decision. Our team can take a look at your situation and provide a detailed second opinion assessment so that you feel comfortable with your decision. We often offer options and alternatives that save you money and provide peace of mind.

Ready to have your water heating system serviced or tuned-up, or just want a free second opinion? Call us today at (VA) 757-995-2807 / (NC) 252-489-4431 to schedule an appointment.

Russell's HVAC, Hot water heater, VA

Most people don’t pay much attention to their water heaters until they fail. For many Hampton Roads homes equipped with hot water heaters in the attic, a broken leaking water heater can mean an expensive cleanup from water damage.

Russell's HVAC, Tankless Water Heater, VA

For some families in the Hampton Roads area, every day is a struggle to have enough hot water to meet daily needs like showers, dishwashing, clothes washing and cleaning. One option to resolve the problem might be to install a larger capacity water heater, but often, space can be an issue. At Russell’s, we’ve found that tankless water heaters are a great solution for many families who hope to improve hot water comfort, reduce costs and free up valuable space.

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Only Russell’s offers a Service Today or It’s Free Guarantee. We’ll arrive the day you call or we’ll waive your service fee

We bring all the tools and training to get most jobs done in one visit

We work on all types of water heaters and boilers, including gas, electric and tankless.

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Need a New Water Heater?

If you need a new water heater but are concerned about the cost, talk to Russell’s.

We’re have financing options to keep payments affordable, like 0% interest.

We’ll help you find the financing option that will work best for your needs and budget.

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Need a New Water Heater?

Choosing a new air conditioner can be hard. Let Russell’s be your guide.

Russell’s sells all types of water heaters and boilers, including gas, electric and tankless water heaters.

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Tankless Water Heaters Are A Great Investment

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, only heat water when you need it. This makes them a great investment, because they’re extremely energy efficient.

According to, most households can save approximately $100 annually.

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We're the Area's Tankless Experts

Tankless water heaters are an amazing invention. They deliver an endless supply of hot water, making them very energy efficient. They also take up very little space.

Maintenance Plans

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Regular annual maintenance keeps your system operating at peak efficiency. Experience has shown that a system that runs well keeps your utility costs in line — in fact, independent 3rd party research shows that you can save over $30 per month on utility bills.