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Since 1977, Russell’s Heating & Cooling has been servicing, maintaining and replacing all types of heating and cooling systems, and we’ve learned a lot in the process. Our “tips” are a way for us to share some of the insights, tricks and other interesting tidbits that just might make a difference in your home.

Energy Saving Recommendations

Many of our tips include ways for homeowners to save energy dollars. Sometimes it’s dispelling a myth or confirming something your grandparents might say. Others are based on our experience with the types of equipment and buildings we see in our area.

New Technology, Product Comparisons & More

New technology is always appearing in our industry. We’ll take some time to explain what’s new, how does it work and whether it work better than conventional technology. Sometimes the choice for a replacement heating and cooling system isn’t clear-cut. Here, we explain how stuff works and what the benefits and downsides are to a broad range of products.

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Maintenance Plans

Russell's HVAC, HVAC service technician, VA

Regular annual maintenance keeps your system operating at peak efficiency. Experience has shown that a system that runs well keeps your utility costs in line — in fact, independent 3rd party research shows that you can save over $30 per month on utility bills.