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If your home is subject to frequent power outages, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that whole house generators provide. These generators are wired into your home’s power system to safely and instantaneously provide power when the lights go out.

Storms & Emergencies Can Affect Anyone

Our power grid is increasingly complex. Most households experience some sort of power outage in the course of a year. The causes for power outages can vary:

  • Winter storms

  • Hurricanes

  • Flooding

  • Accidental damage to power lines or transformers

  • Animal incursions

What’s hard to predict is how long an outage might take to repair. In the meantime, your home’s heating and cooling is affected, refrigerated foods can spoil and everyday activities can become impossible.

Generators Sized for All Requirements

Russell’s Heating & Cooling will assess what emergency electrical needs your family might encounter and size the right generator for you. We can connect a generator to simply provide the basics on a few electric circuits (furnace, AC, refrigerator, well and sump pump, limited lights) or provide instant, whole-house operation. Standby whole-house generators are installed outside the home just like central air or heat pump compressors. Their exterior covers and inner workings are designed to be rugged and durable. Manufacturer warranties offer extra protection in the event of repair needs.

Powered by Propane or Natural Gas

Standby generators from Generac offer instantaneous comfort and security for homeowners. Generac generators operate automatically and are hardwired into your homes’ power system. These residential standby power generators operate using your natural gas service or with an added (often buried) propane tank. As an authorized Generac dealer, Russell’s Heating & Cooling can recommend proper sizing and handle the entire installation process.

Self-Testing Ensures Standby Readiness

Most whole house generators have a self-test mode to provide assurance that the generator will function properly when called upon. Honeywell home generators offer quiet operation and self-testing. Russell’s Heating & Cooling is also a Honeywell home generator dealer. These generators, which can integrate seamlessly with any system, offer a remote monitoring smartphone app that can provide extra reassurance when you’re not at home.

If you’re interested in extra preparedness for power outages, give Russell’s team a call at (VA) 757-995-2807 / (NC) 252-489-4431 to learn more about our whole house generator options.

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Being without power can be disruptive, scary and downright dangerous. The right generator can power your entire home, ensuring you’re never without lights or appliances. Or you can choose a generator that powers just your essentials.

Maintenance Plans

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Regular annual maintenance keeps your system operating at peak efficiency. Experience has shown that a system that runs well keeps your utility costs in line — in fact, independent 3rd party research shows that you can save over $30 per month on utility bills.